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3202 Rudd Avenue Duplex and 3206 Rudd Avenue SFH

3202 Rudd Avenue Unit #1

The primary structure on the property is an "asymmetrical" duplex located in the historic Portland neighborhood of Downtown Louisville.

Unit#1 is currently measured at approximately 1200 square feet of living space. The floor plan of this unit is currently configured to 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a bonus room that serves as a common area space or living room. 


After rehabilitation and repairs are complete, the new proposed floor plan will be 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The 2nd bath will be within the master bedroom suite located on the 2nd floor.  The newly devised living space should measure to approximately 1300 square feet.


Unit # 2

3202 Rudd Avenue Unit #2

Repairs to Unit #2 were completed in December 2022 and this unit is currently listed for rent. Unit #2 is 772 square feet of living space featuring a 2-bedroom, 1-bath unit with washer and dryer hook-ups that has been remodeled and updated with fresh paint and interior design.


New laminate flooring and new windows have been installed. All mechanicals are fairly new featuring an electric HVAC but a gas water heater. New Appliances have been ordered and will be installed before tenant move-in. 


Unit #2 also features an attached 15x5 storage shed for extra accommodation.

Both Units in this duplex have separate metered GAS, and ELECTRIC, but the water and sewer utility is shared.

For information on rental vacancy and terms, please contact the property management at: 

(502) 777-8627


Unit #2 After

3206 Rudd Avenue SFH (Unit #3)


3206 Rudd Avenue address is host to the secondary structure and Unit #3 which is currently a gutted home with no available floor plan.


This structure was previously used as a storage facility but will be converted into a 3-bedroom, 2-bath single-family home.

Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2023.


Both buildings share available parking and common areas on the same parcel of land. Zoning plans are in the works to convert the parcel of land to "C-R" (Commercial Residential) in anticipation of the renovation of the Lecompte Saloon Building next door. 

Both 3202 Rudd and 3206 Rudd have separate water, gas & electric utilities, which offers additional opportunities to break up the deeded land into two separate parcels.

Further updates will be available as work progresses.



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