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Rudd Project Journal

Day of Closing November-2022

These pictures were taken the day Superior Henderson closed on the property. To maximize RTO, the strategy was to rehab the duplex Unit 2 first because it required the least amount of reconstruction to finish. Once completed, the unit would be leased for rent while rehabilitation on the remaining property could continue.

December-2022 Rehab of Unit #2 begins

The floor plan of Unit #2 remained original. Zoning regulations prevented the expansion of the footprint of the structures on the property. However, the kitchen was remodeled to a more aesthetic design. Surprisingly, the mechanicals were in great shape, but new windows, an AC compressor, and plumbing reroutes were installed.

Unit #2 was completed around Christmas-2022....BUT...

...Tragedy Struck

Christmas Eve 2022, an unusually cold weather pattern hit the South East bringing temperatures in the area to minus 15 degrees at night. These low temperatures caused a pipe to burst. The water damage was severe and the interior decor which was restored just days ago, had to be gutted and refinished again. This setback cost over $6,000.00 and 3 weeks of additional work.